Panasonic unveils new brand identity

It has changed to Panasonic Professional Kitchen.

Panasonic UK recently unveiled the re-branding of its professional cooking division, to Panasonic Professional Kitchen. Inspired by Japanese culture, it features the motif ‘食’, the kanji character meaning ‘eat’.

The new identity brings the brand's cultural heritage to the fore, boosting associations with quality and ingenuity. This highlights Panasonic’s cultural and professional connection to the kitchen, emphasising its commitment to quality, high performance and culinary excellence.

Alessandra de-Guia, brand communications executive for Panasonic, said: “For more than half a century, Panasonic has been a pioneer in microwave cooking. The Panasonic Professional Kitchen identity is about bringing to life the culinary values of the whole portfolio, not just our microwaves, as well as encouraging everyone across the channel to re-evaluate what they already know about Panasonic and highlighting aspects that they weren’t aware of.”

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