Knorr names Henderson Scottish Student Chef of the Year

Jacintha Henderson from The City of Glasgow College was recently named the first Knorr Professional Scottish Student Chef of the Year, winning a culinary experience in Italy. She and the other student finalists were challenged with preparing a two-course menu comprising a main, using Knorr Professional bouillon, and dessert.

For her main, Henderson prepared pan roasted chicken breast, stuffed wing, birria tacos, mole elote corn ribs, purée and salsa coriander, finished with a lime dressing. For dessert, she prepared a celeriac blondie, candied and feuilletine, toasted barley ice-cream, celery salted caramel and fermented plums.

Aimee Boland from Ayrshire College won the silver medal. A skills test for assistant chefs was also held, focusing on the preparation of chicken and vegetables, with Yingying Tang from Ayrshire winning.

Head judge Gary Maclean, Scotland’s first National Chef and winner of MasterChef: The Professionals in 2016, said: “As a proud Scotsman and chef, witnessing the students' culinary talent truly warmed my heart. Each participant's dedication and commitment to the process was remarkable, and the standard of cooking and creativity exhibited in their dishes left a lasting impression on me and the other judges. The students should be very proud of themselves.”

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