Top garden social media trends of 2023 revealed

The top five social media trends for the garden industry from the last 12 months have been revealed by PergolaKitsUSA.

Garden centre operators in the UK could capitalise on these trends by dedicating special displays and stocking relevant items. Attracting more customers to sites may well have a positive impact on visits to any catering outlets associated with the business.

“Garden trends vary in their nature year to year, and nowadays, the ways in which trends are established is also changing," a spokesperson for PegolaKitsUSA says. "Anyone who loves the world of gardening should embrace the influence that new platforms like TikTok can have, for instance as these trends show, spreading beautiful garden inspiration to millions of people. It is of course interesting to see what features and styles in gardens have proved popular to this platform’s audience.”

Japanese Garden 

​Asymmetry, enclosure, borrowed scenery, balance and symbolism. These are the essential elements of, and the essential design principles, seen to define the Japanese Garden. Posts including the hashtag ‘#japanesegarden’ were huge this year, getting over 26 million views on TikTok alone.

These spaces were designed to evoke quiet contemplation. As well as encouraging a deep connection with nature, they are often suited to spiritual practices like prayer and meditation. These draw inspiration from beautifully crafted outdoor spaces originating in Eastern Asia.

Garden Art 

From intricate sculptures, figurines, and statues, to self-decorated pebbles, art pieces have proved popular in the TikTok gardening community. Posts with the hashtag ‘#gardenart’ received over 12 million views in 2023.

It is good to choose pieces that fit with the aesthetics, and the size of a garden, so considering placement and scale often holds the key to tastefully embellishing your space with an art piece. However, as with all art, preference is personal, so incorporating a piece that takes you, can have stunning results.

Garden Bar

An addition to accentuate any garden experience is, of course, a tipple. So the inclusion of a bar in the garden is an unsurprisingly popular trend in the world of TikTok. Posts with the hashtag ‘#gardenbar’ amalgamated over 12 million views this year.

From a small, simple setup, kitted out to perhaps accommodate a few bottles and glasses, to elaborate structures with stools, fridges, spirit dispensers, beer taps, and even pub games like darts, a garden bar can open up the floor to a range of social activities. Whether catering for a chat over a glass of wine, or a full-scale garden party, a garden bar is sure to be of envy to those who aren’t invited!

Rustic Gardens

Rustic aesthetics are a classic style choice throughout homes and gardens. Much loved by gardening enthusiasts, and now those on TikTok, posts with the hashtag ‘#rusticgarden’ were among the most popular garden-related trends on the platform this year.

Usually embracing warm, natural, and earthy colours and features, the rustic garden really taps into a nostalgia that transports any reveller in the space to a simpler time. Whether it is weathered oak features, or old bricks and cobblestones, the rustic aesthetic can have a powerful effect on a garden’s ambience.

Sensory Garden

A sensory garden is all about stimulating the basic five senses of sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste. ‘#sensorygarden’ was another top trend among gardeners of TikTok.

In creating such a space, a sensory garden can provide an intense connection with nature and encourage an awareness of the natural world around you that can not be rivalled. From vibrant yellow tulips to deep blue hydrangea, colourful flowers are sure to stimulate the eyes while fragrant Azaleas and Hyacinths can add a new dimension to the enjoyment of the sacred space of a sensory garden.

Image by Tima Miroshnichenko.

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