Speciality Breads teams up with Wildfarmed

Speciality Breads has teamed up with Wildfarmed in a bid to become more sustainable.

An artisan baker has pledged to use regenerative wheat flour across its entire range this year in a bid to become more sustainable. 

Speciality Breads has already reduced its carbon footprint by offering a plant-based alternative to every product sold. The Kent baker says the use of Wildfarmed flour is the next big step towards becoming a greener business.

The adoption of regenerative flour not only avoids the emissions associated with conventional flour, but actively contributes to the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere. The vast reduction in chemical inputs usually found in industrial agriculture, plus Wildfarmed's biology-based cropping techniques actively contributes to avoiding the 2.8kg of CO2 produced per 1kg of flour. 

Additionally, ongoing research is showing benefits to water quality due to a reduction in chemical run-off, while restoring and driving biodiversity to landscapes – not to mention the fact that the bespoke flour blend Speciality Breads has created with Wildfarmed is Red Tractor-certified. 

What it means for users

Pubs and bars using the collaborative product can feature the Wildfarmed logo on their menus, free of charge, to help communicate their sustainability credentials to customers. 

"Speciality Breads is absolutely delighted to be working with Wildfarmed," says Simon Cannell, managing director of Speciality Breads. "We are committed as a business to becoming the most sustainable bakery in the UK and this move to using Wildfarmed flour is a huge step forward.

"By using Wildfarmed wheat flour across our entire range we will be saving approximately 1,100 tonnes of carbon each year. That's equivalent to the weight of 14 Boeing 737 jets! Both our businesses are completely aligned in our objectives so the partnership with Wildfarmed is a very natural one for us."

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