Boost morale this festive season, says Burnt Chef Project

The Burnt Chef Project has joined forces with social networking platform Morale to encourage hospitality businesses and operators to share some festive cheer and praise this Christmas. 

The new initiative, a first for the sector, allows individuals to anonymously send messages of gratitude to their colleagues' mobile phones, for free, from a dedicated website or app, designed to boost morale in what is a busy and stressful time for the industry.

Research has shown that simple acts of gratitude are a great way to make people feel valued, while the impact of positive feedback is known to mitigate the negative effect of stress on a person's performance. The same research, undertaken by neuroscientists, has shown that a human brain receives positive verbal affirmations in the same way as it does financial reward, and that giving a compliment gives as much of a dopamine boost as receiving one.

On the partnership with Morale, Burnt Chef founder and CEO, comments: "The Christmas and New Year period can be one of the most stressful times of year for those working in hospitality. That's why we've partnered with the team from Morale, the networking platform, to deliver a little bit of cheer and positivity at Christmas.

"Foodservice managers and operators can use the dedicated website to choose their morale-boosting message and quickly send this directly to their colleague's phone for free – showing them just how much they're valued and appreciated. The messages are regularly changed or updated, meaning multiple messages of gratitude can be sent across the period."

To share your message of positivity, click here.

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