Henry Cheape sets sail for change with the world’s toughest row

Cheape is on a mission to sail from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to Antigua to emphasise the significance of sustainability

Henry Cheape, one of the entrepreneurs behind the renowned farm shop Balgove Larder, is set to embark on an extraordinary and daring quest – the World's Toughest Row. On November 29th, Henry began his journey to La Gomera in the Canary Islands to prepare for his epic solo row across the Atlantic, which commences on December 12th, and aims to raise £250,000 to highlight critical sustainability issues.

Cheape, 43, is on a mission not just to conquer the 3000-mile odyssey from La Gomera to Antigua but also to emphasise the significance of sustainability. His voyage aboard the PollyAnne, an R25 rowing boat that triumphed in its class for the 2022 Atlantic race, aims to spotlight the importance of sustainable practices while also raising funds for conservation and environment charities.

A growing number of food suppliers have rallied behind Cheape’s cause, offering their support to fuel his solo trans-Atlantic journey. Responding to Cheape's call for sustainable, natural produce, these suppliers are assisting in providing locally sourced goods. The Scottish businessman is determined to demonstrate that he can sustain his daily intake of 6,000 calories solely on as much locally produced food as possible during this ambitious adventure.

To prepare for the arduous World's Toughest Row, Henry, and his team meticulously calculated calorie requirements, developing specialised recipes - "Henry's Balgove meals."  Meals that are designed to sustain the rigorous challenge with a calorie count of just under 6,000 Kcal per day, while also offering a diverse array of flavours and textures.

The provisions, a combination of meal packs, wet meals, and snack packs, must last Henry between 10 weeks - 70 days - and 12 weeks, or a full 85 days. Sophisticated support systems aboard the vessel include a water maker and a small cabin dedicated to storing the food supply.

Henry Cheape's philanthropic efforts are in support of various organisations dedicated to environmental conservation. These include Global Canopy, Sustain, and the Nomad Conservation Fund, eachof which plays a pivotal role in addressing market forces impacting nature, advocating for a sustainable food system and preserving wildlife and habitats in Tanzania, respectively.

For further information on how to donate or sponsor the challenge, visit: www.pollyanne.co.uk

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